Friday, February 19, 2010

Have a Happy Day


The past week found us picking up and digging up more trash than doing anything else. We have definitely tested the capacity of the gator with load upon load of carpet, tires, and broken asphalt. Entertainingly, we now know the gator fits in the dumpster making it convenient to empty loads all the way to the back.

Despite all the grubby work, things are just peachy in the Back Woods. Our intern and volunteers have really been instrumental in bringing up the level of maintenance in the Back Woods.  A little team work goes a long way in making a dent in the many management challenges (invasives, garbage, hardwood clearing) we face. I can not thank these great people enough for all their hard work!

DSCN1066 A preview of the new trail signs. Mounting materials are being prepped and some of the signs may installed by next week, yay! We may even a have a kiosk or two installed as well.

Cheers from the Back Woods…and have a Happy Day.

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